New Built - Weird issues during the start

Nov 12, 2018
Hi Everybody,

I bought a new PC, the whole system includes:

ASUS Prime x399-a
Ryzen Thread Ripper 1920X
Corsair RM850x
Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB (4x 8GB 3200Mhz) CL16
Asus ROG 1080ti
Samsung 970EVO
Segate 2TB
Lian li pc-o11 dynamic white (I consider this information important as this case doesn't have the reset button)

So, I have put everything together. It took me nearly a day, to assemble the computer and install the windows on the SSD.

The computer is working in general (I am using it to write this post) :)

Although, there is an issue as follows:

a) When I shut down the computer (from windows) without switching off the PSU, the lights on the GPU and Mboards are on, but I can't turn the computer back on using the power button.

b) Once I turn off and put back on the PSU; If press power button quick enough the computer will start, but if I wait (let's say) 5-10 seconds the power button on the case won't start the computer.

c) After those few seconds, the BIOS UEFI button on the back starts flashing even though there is no memory stick with the BIOS file plugged in.

d) Every time when starting the computer after the PSU was turned off, it happens as described above plus with each start, the computer shuts down itself right after the PCU diode comes on in this case I have to quickly press the power button again so that it starts the computer/

The sequence looks like this:
1. Turn on the PSU (i am switching it off for the night, as I don't need the LEDs to light the whole night)
2. Quickly press the power button on the case (If I hesitate, please see)
3. POST diodes start flashing (1. DRAM 2. CPU - this is when the computer turns itself off whenever fresh start)
4. After the computer stop (the LEDs on the motherboard and GPU are continuously on) press the power button quickly again to start the computer
5. After a successful POST (1. DRAM 2. CPU 3. VGA 4. BOOT) computer starts.

I have to add, that there are no issues with the computer during work.
There is no problem when instead of shut down I restart it.

The only problem I have encountered is when I am starting a computer from the beginning.

Any Thoughts?

Thanks for any help, in case if there will be no solution I will probably live it as it is.


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