Question New built with random lag spikes and stutter.Is it a software,cooling or hardware problem?


Mar 9, 2014

So I've been having this problem with my new built. Everything runs smoothly,perfoms as expected etc etc.
The problem is that in random times i have some stuttering (in windows) / lag spikes (in games).

The build
CPU: Ryzen 2700x
Cooler: Wraith AMD Cooler
MOBO: Asus Primex x470 Pro
RAM: G.Skill RipjawsV 16GB DDR4-3200MHz
PSU: Corsair RMx Series RM750x

At first i thought it was the cooler because it was throttling in games.
I realized that when the lag spikes occured the cooler was just screaming,it happened simultaneously so i ended up thinking a new cooler is the solution.

BUT after some days of using the computer as a workspace and not a gaming station,i felt stutter and sluggish behavior in random times.

An example of what happens is that I click something but it is executed in a delay,you could see that the system is straggling,just for 1 second.

No overclocked cpu,no bios temper but the rams run at 2133mhz because the xmp profile causes an instant restart in bios after applying and the only option is to reset the value in bios.
I don't have experience in manual setting for memory speeds so i don't temper with it.

Could somebody enlighten me with a solution or suggestions?

I don't want to buy a new cooler* just to learn that it wasn't the cause of the problem.
*(i know that i will need an aftermarket cooler compared to wraith but the stock cooler shouldn't have problems at smooth workspace running?!)

Is it a software ,memory,cooling problem or something else is the issue?

Thanks in advance!