New card for ~$200 that outperforms 9800pro?


Jun 24, 2003
When the new ATI and NVidia cards come out, will there be one for around $200 that outperforms the 9800pro (which is of course around $200 right now)?

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I don't believe so.

If we're lucky, 9800 PROs might drop to $180 in a month or two...

But the new cards will probably be firmly in $300+ territory for a while.

Although the X800SE will probably be less than $300, hard to say at this point. But from what I've seen its supposed to be a 128-bit memory interface card with 8 pipelines, so performance would be less than the 9800 PRO, probably more like a 9500PRO on steroids.

Unless the X800SE has dormant pipelines that can be enabled... a 16-pipeline 128 bit card would be interesting, to say the least.

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Jul 13, 2003
If the X800SE is truely a 128bit 900mhz mmemory as suggested, then I doubt it will be much of a performer since it won't even have the memory bandwidth of the FX 5800. True they are different architectures, but still. Consider the performaance jump of the 5900 Ultra over the 5800 Ultra. The 5800 Ultra is superior in every way to the 5900 Ultra as far as performance goes except that because it only has a 128bit bus width the 5900 Ultra ends up doing alot better then it despite the 5900 having slower core and slower memory simply because it has a 256bit bus.

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I agree 100%. The truely best midrange card in the near future will be the current best high end deals. The 9800Pro if still available will be the card for those who can't do $300+. I wonder when their availability will dry up?

Of course I'd love to be proved wrong by R380, but I doubt it will compete well with R9800,pro,XT.

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Feb 24, 2002
Seeing as how the high end ATI part coming out is supposed to offer TWICE the performance, saying that the mid-range counterpart would not compete with the 9800pro/xt is saying that it would have less than half the performance of the new top-dog!

I've never seen a performance difference this big between the high end and mid range cards in a series. Is the 9800 XT twice as good as the 9600 XT?

Unless maybe the SE is the LOW range counter part, and the X800 (pro?) is really their mid-range card, to be followed up by their high end XT part.

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