New Card: GTX 760 vs. Radeon 7950 vs. Upcoming Radeon 8000 Series


May 29, 2013
Benchmark links below.

So I thought I had made up my mind with the 7950, but then the 760 came out and the 8000 series should start appearing in Q3 of this year and beginning of next year (not sure if I wanna wait that long). I am looking for a card no more than $300+/-, so these two seem to fit the budget well, but 2 new 8000 series cards will be under $300 as well, the 8870 and 8850, that is.

I need help deciding which card to get or wait for. I will be getting a new 1080p screen but also have my current 1440x900 screen on the side. I would like to max out games like BO2, BF3, Crysis 3, FC3 and other demanding games that I will likely be getting. I plan on OCing the card.
IMPORTANT TO NOTE: This build is planned to last over 3 years without upgrading, maybe even longer, so I can invest a few extra bucks for the sake of it lasting longer.

AnandTech benchmarks: (There's an overclocked 760 benchmark page there :))
Newegg's Benchmarks:
Linus' Benchmarks (He runs them OC'd): The 7950 beats the 760 when OC'd :/
MaximumPC benchmarks:

Please help me decide! :??:

CPU: AMD FX-6350, Mobo: Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0, SSD: OCZ Vertex 4 128GB


Feb 25, 2013

I stand corrected, thanks much for setting me straight on this. I don't remember where I read what I said but it was some time ago, also found this for what it is worth...

Well I hope they come out ASAP as it looks like the 8970 will be going against the 780 and hopefully drive it's cost down a bit. I think it is over priced compared to the 760 and 770 which I feel are priced real good for what they deliver. Would be nice to see the 780 at ~$550 where they say the 8970 may be and then rock the clock on the Titan to make it the king for a while..... just thinking out loud

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