Hey guys,

So Im thinking of upgrading my adequate but rather cramped CoolerMaster 430 Elite with a Sharkoon Tauron Green edition.


The reason I particularly like this case is because of it Cable management system and removable HDD cages but the main thing is any case I upgrade MUST be slimmer than 220mm, or it wont fit in my Tower section of my desk (balls to getting a new desk! haha).

The reason I post this on here though, is that reviews of this case are virtually non-existant, so I was wondering does anyone have either:

- any experience with this case? are there any reason why I shouldnt get it?
- any alternative suggestions that may be a better option (baring in mind the things mentioned above)

It defiantly meets your width requirement at 205mm.
Professional case review are missing to fill in any possible 'gotchas' in the design.

But the feature set looks very complete. And cable management looks very good.
You might try and find somewhere the Sharkoon Tauron owners hang out and see what they're saying. Maybe other Youtube vidoes, etc.

Youtube video.