Question new comp

Jan 30, 2020
it has 240 hz. and 1440p.

im running 1070 ti OC'd to +200 coreclock +125 memoryclock
8086k OC'd to 4.7and
3333 hz ram OC'd to 3600
i get about 95-150 FPS on 1440p with this setup.
if i upgrade to a 2080TI 4400hz ram and OC'd up to 5.0 do you think i could pull off getting 240hz along with playing on the same 1440p???
i play competitive apex legends and i know i need to upgrade from my 1440P 165hz to EITHER a 1080 240hz monitor, im thinking
i go with
as posted above
i know everything online ive found has said i shouldnt be able to, and to just settle for the 1080 240, i REALLY want to get this 1440p 240 monitor if i can pull it off. i know this is the future of competitive gaming. a constant 240 on 1440p!
i just dont wanna waste the money, so please help :D


i guess you would get 240 fps. the 2080ti, overclocked is around 45-50% better then the 1070ti
and that'll mean 190-220 fps...
also, an oc to 5ghz would net you 200-230 fps or so

and the 4400ram.. idk.. maybe an fps or 2... mostly a waste.
its gonna be 4400mhz, but cl18, and will be just as fast as your 3200mhz (probably cl16) kit.
Jan 30, 2020
thank you for your input siaan312!!!
see i was kinda thinking i would be getting around 220, i dont think ill get constant 240.
even tho,
says its about 80% better... i still dontthink i would be able to pull off 240, CONSTANT. and thats the issue. is it needs to be constant, in order for me to be gaining the full effect from going from 165 to 240... im so torn, because i feel like i SHOULD be able to pull this off. but EVERWHERE online says its IMPOSSIBLE to get 240 on 2k atm with the technology out... but idk why i wouldnt be able to... given how my computer runs right now.. and the upgrade i would be doing to it...