New computer beeping at me


Jan 22, 2003
Hi all. I have build my last 2 computers and am working on a new one. It's a P4 2.8. I used arcticsilver on the surface of the cpu that is in contact with the heat sink. All the fans are running fine (CPU, chipset, 3 case fans, video card and 2 in the power supply). I am using a 400W power supply.

Well as I am starting the process of installing XP, the system starts beeping at me. I assume that it is overheating. I checked the bios and it says the system temp is 110F, the cpu is 140F and the next temp is 168F (pwn i think it was). The cpu warning temp is set at 185F by default.

I honestly didn't change any of the defaults in the bios. I am not an expert and I left everything to default. It looks like it was getting all the system info correct.

So, do you think it is overheating? Is there anything you can suggest that I might have missed? Did I not use enough of the arcticsilver?

I am using an Abit IS7 E board. There was one line in the instructions that I didn't understand. It was after I installed the cpu it said 'Do not forget to set the correct bus frequency and multiple for your processor'. I assume that is in the bios and like I said I let that all default. Could that be my problem? Any help with fixing it if it is?

I am not a computer expert, but not a novice either. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.




Apr 16, 2004
From what is sounds like your fsb multiplier is set too high. The symptoms are different with different motherboards. Amd chip sets just beep and a black screen is there. Check and make sure your front side bus is 133 or lower and your ram clock speed is no higher then 533 mhz, unless you know you have 800mhz. These are very conservative numbers in regards to the front side bus. Hope this helps.


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Aug 2, 2001
I don’t own a Prescott but they do run hotter than average chips. I’ve heard it is not uncommon to have them run at 90-120c (194-250f) without incident. Just relax the alarms in your bios and enjoy the warmth and wait for even higher summer temps.

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My best guess is that the heatsink isn't making good contact with the cpu. I had a situation where one of my p4 heatsink clamps was broken, and the temps sometimes rose slowly, until I got a replacement. You might try reinstalling the heatsink. Just be careful when disengaging the 4 clips on the plastic portion of the heatsink bracket.