[SOLVED] New Computer Build Freezes shortly after passing the BIOS screen


Oct 9, 2014
So this isnt the first time Ive built a computer and usually i can fix any hiccups i encounter eventually. However, I just finished assembling my new rig:
-Corsair H100i Platinum RGB
-Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master
- MSI RTX 2070 Duke
-2x16gb Corsair Dominator Platinum 3000MHz DDR4 RGB
-EVGA Nova 750w PSU
(as far as storage, im just using some SSDs that ive had and a new M.2)

So I tried starting it up using the SSD from my old system that had windows 10 and was working literally minutes before(everything was plugged in and ready to go too) and it froze as it asked me for my pin to enter into windows. I restarted, same thing.
Next, I started pulling out stuff. Pulled out my GPU and a stick of RAM. Same result. Then I swapped ram sticks. Same result. Then I got a different drive with windows 10 on it and same result. Then I decided it must be a bad windows install or something so i grabbed my USB with the windows installation tool and even that crashes during installation. I am all out of ideas and confused. Any help would be appreciated.

I also monitored my temps in the BIOS and my CPU is sitting at 25ish degrees for 20+ minutes. System temp was 35