Question New computer build won't display anything/POST after 1-2 months of being off

Jul 7, 2020
Here’s the story:
About 1-2 months ago, I built a PC. All I did was install everything including windows and put the case windows on etc then tested it after. It all worked and continued to work. But I didn’t actually put anything on it since I was going on a long vacation. It’s literally still un-used basically with clean windows.

FAST FORWARD TO TODAY: Mind you that from 1-2 months ago until today, this PC has sat in one spot. Between that time, it has never been plugged in, used at all etc. Just in one spot while off until now. The computer currently doesn’t turn on anymore. All the fans spin, the RGB lights comes on, both the power supply fan and CPU fan spins but nothing on the screen and I waited like 1 minute each attempt. Here’s what I tried:
  • I tried 2 different monitors; the monitor that I tested with the first time and my tv monitor that is currently connected to the PS4 with the same HDMI cable.
  • I tried both VGA and HDMI for the on-board video and the dedicated video card.
None of those two things worked.
Something I did notice: This only happened once, but I let the computer stay on for like 30 seconds and it restarted itself. This only happened once though.
What’s going on here?


May 4, 2019
If the on board video also isn't working, that's a bit odd. Off the top of my head I'd think it's a graphics card issue, but the on-board throws a wrench in things. Make sure your power supply is delivering sufficient power and that all the cables (particularly on the graphics card) are plugged in. Do try booting the system with the graphics card completely removed if you haven't already using the on-board graphics. If you have a friend's system at your disposal, try swapping out your parts one-by-one to see if any of them are the issue. I'd try resetting the CMOS as well.