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Question New computer - Hard restart during Windows install (hangs at blue logo)

Jun 17, 2020
intel i5-9600k Coffee Lake processor
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU cooler
MSI MPG Z390 gaming motherboard
MSI Geforce GTX 1650 Super GPU
G.Skill 16GB Ripjaws V series x 2
Intel 660p M.2 2280 1 TB SSD
Windows 10 PRO (64-bit)
Fractal Design Ion+ 660P 80 PLUS PSU

I had an old computer I built about 10 years ago that finally kicked the bucket, so I went ahead and spang for new components and got to work building a new PC.

Everything seemed to install fine. The only thing that was tricky was the bracket for the CPU heatsink (EVO 212) seemed to require more pressure then I felt comfortable to get all four screws to reach the standoffs. However, in looking online this seemed extremely common, and with a little finagling it fit and I booted up.

The system spun up, no warning leds on the MB, and in BIOS I could see all of the components I had installed. However, when I tried to boot the Windows 10-64 bit pro install from dvd the DVD drive would spin up real fast, the computer would hang for about a minute, then the "loading circle" or whatever you call it (see pic) would appear briefly and the PC would hard restart.

Sometimes the blue Windows logo would come up first, but the behavior would be the same (spin-up for 30-60 secs, then hard restart). When the PC shut down, it would often ...hiccup? You could hear the power kick on for just a second, the leds and fans would come on, then everything would shut off again, followed by another restart a second later. Sometimes this "hiccup" would occur a half-dozen times before the machine actually spun up and I was able to get into BIOS.

I looked around in the BIOS for any settings I needed to change. It's set to UEFI/Legacy. The only configuration I had done was to change the boot order and set the CPU fan to a "smart fan" so it wouldn't run at 3800 rpm the whole time the kit was running ("smart fan" dropped it to ~750 rpm). I eventually reset everything to default just in case.

I tried booting from other media (windows 10 bootable USB), changing out the RAM sticks, reseating the M2 SSD, reseating the CPU (and cleaning/reapplying the thermal compound just in case), removing the GPU and running with the HDMI port directly on the MB, and checking power connections.

I took a short video of the behavior, since I'm not sure how well I explained it above:
The restart happens at about 1:20.

Is this an issue with the MB? CPU? I have no idea how to diagnose from here. Any help would be incredible appreciated.
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Jun 17, 2020
Some might tell you that it is very hard to get windows 7 to install on an NVme Drive. that is probably where you are running into the problem
Thanks. It's Windows 10 though, I'm a dope, -_-
Copied the Specs section from another post and just missed that.

In any case, wouldn't it at least progress to the point where I could choose the HD partition for the install? I never even get close. Considering how the power abruptly cuts out and how I never actually progress to the Windows installer GUI, I'm have to assume it's an issue with the CPU or MB, no?