New Computer, New Skyrim Problem


Mar 23, 2012
So I just built my new computer and I'm already encountering a new bug. My specs are as follows:

i5-2400, Radeon 6870 1Gb, 8gb DDR3, 1.5tb hd, etc etc. New Vegas runs on Ultra and is smooth as butter, but this is what I get when I play Skyrim:


Anyone know what this is? I thought it was overheating, but neither the processor or the video card SEEMS to be running hot, and it would be really odd if they were considering I am only playing on High and not Ultra and I haven't overclocked anything.



Aug 7, 2007
Might want to make sure you have up to date drivers for your videocard. There might even be beta drivers that can fix the issue as well. Are you running any mods or the High Res Texture Pack, if so does the problem persist with those disabled? What video options have you played with? I have a nVidia card so I don't know if there are any issues with compatability, but I would think if New Vegas runs ok then Skyrim should as well, might check the ATi (or are they calling themselves AMD) website to see if others have seen this issue if noone else here has an definitive answer.