Jul 17, 2022
Brand new computer build that I just resolved some CPU issues with was mostly running fine for the past couple days. Today, I was playing Terraria (like the past 2 days) and it restarted without warning. It had never done this before. Looked in Event Viewer, and it said there was a Critical Error with code 41. From online, the error must be either drivers (specifically sound drivers according to some cases?), software conflicts, or faulty hardware (super specific and helpful, of course). Updated the chipset drivers, but couldn’t find the Realtek drivers, which are the only two that weren’t up to date. I don’t think its software because the computer is new, and the hardware I’m not sure how to check but the PSU and CPU both already had to be replaced once (the first time I’ve ever received components DOA) so I hope that’s not the problem.

If anyone has had this error and has recommendations, please let me know
If anyone has ideas on how to check where the problem has come from (hardware vs software, which piece of hardware, etc.), please let me know
If anyone has any any other ideas about the problem or if any other info could help, please let me know
Jul 17, 2022
Hey there,

So code 41, just means the system has lost power, which can be for a variety of reasons.

Can you list your full pc specs, CPU/GPU/mobo, ram, PSU makes and models numbers.

Then we can help diagnose better.

Possibly a PSU issue, but can't be certain yet.


CPU is Ryzen 9 5900x
GPU is EVGA FTW3 RTX 3070ti
Mobo is MSI Gaming Plus x570
RAM is Trident Z 32gb (2x16gb)
PSU is EVGA Supernova 850W gold

Since this post, I received some advice on updating drivers, running a command to check for corrupt Windows files in command prompt, and changing some power settings. Now all my drivers are updated according to DriverEasy, the check did detect some corrupt files and said it fixed them. I don’t really think the power settings changed anything, but since then it hasn’t crashed. I also haven’t played any intense games (only CSGO really), but the crash had only happened during Terraria, which itself is not a very intense game. I haven’t played Terraria since, and it has only been about a day.