Question New computer, runs fine when cool, after an hour of gaming it freezes and turns purple dots all over the place when i reboot.

Sep 17, 2019
Asus Rtx2080 8gb
16gb ddr4
Good intake/exhaust /cooling setup

So this gpu came with the huge heatsink, has the double fans (which dont spin at all unless getting warm). I play world of warcraft classic on normal settings and after about an hour of gameplay my computer will freeze, then when I reboot it doesnt load any drivers. It gives me that error 43 i think when I pull up device manager it has a caution symbol next to my GPU. Drivers are all up-to-date. Ive done a fresh windows 10 install and even reinstalled drivers for a second time and still having this issue. Literally can’t even read the size 30 font when it starts back up. Everything else works fine when the graphics arent working. To fix this I do a power cycle reset and let the fan cool down for 10-15 mins and then the drivers load up and everything is back to normal.

Also, when the issue is going on and I restart my pc, even the bios screen has all sorts of purple/pink dots covering 90% of the background on the screen.

Please help, I was reading another article and am suspecting a PSU issue? I called a tech support company and they said GPU, but the guy didnt seem to like his job and was just saying anything to get me off the phone.