Aug 9, 2005
This might be the wrong forum, but I couldn't find one for computers in general so I thought posting here would make some sense.

Okay I have decided to build my own computer and spent the last week researching/looking at different parts. I am buying most of the components from newegg and while my motherboard will come from zipzoomfly in order to get the rebate. I ask that maybe a few experienced people respond with suggestions/opinions on the following items.

CPU - AMD 3500+ Venice
Video - Leadtek 6800GT PCIe
Case - Thermaltake Xaser III
HD - Seagate 160GB SATA
Mobo - MSI Neo4 Platinum Nforce4 (ZipZoomFly for rebate)
KB/Mouse - Logitech MX3100 ($90 after rebate from
PSU - Antec Neopower 480W Dual rail (15A/18A)
LCD - Samsung 915N
RAM - OCZ Gold Series (2X512MB)
OS - Windows XP Pro w/ SP2
DVD-Burner - NEC IDE
Floppy - Cheap Samsung floppy (For $7.99 why not?)

I would appreciate any feedback on these parts both the good and bad. Maybe if somewhere I could shave off a few dollars and still get atleast 90% performance I will definately consider it. Money isn't a critical factor, but as long as it is a somewhat futureproof machine that won't go obsolete in three months. Everything above the Mobo is from and everything below the KB/Mouse combo is from


A few people around here are not big MSI fans, including me. If it has the bells and whistles you want, <A HREF="" target="_new">this</A> Abit board is only $115, after rebate. Other options would be <A HREF="" target="_new">Asus</A>,<A HREF="" target="_new">Epox</A>, or, if you dont need SLI <A HREF="" target="_new">DFI</A>


Aug 2, 2002
MSI didn't kept their TOP nForce board maker crown for long! :smile:
Competition in Mobo market is crazy!

GA-K8NF-9 / <b><font color=green>Athlon 64 3200+</font color=green> @ 3800+</b>
Infineon DDR400 (CL2.5) 2x512Megs
<font color=green>GeForce 6600GT 128Megs</font color=green>
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