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Question New CPU overheats like crazy when idle...


Apr 22, 2019
Ive been using an old pc for quite some time.Im not much of a gamer so it wasn't a problem for me.I would use FL Studio and other virtual instruments frequently.

Not long ago,my old cpu AMD Athlon x2 250 has died,it was an old and incredibly bad cpu.

I wasn't thinking of upgrading my pc to a whole new level so i decided to find myself another AM3+ cpu.

I started using AMD-FX 8300.After i booted up my pc i started doing some tests on it, played some games used fl studio etc etc...

After a while i realized that there was a flickering in my monitor,it wasn't bad enough to prevent you from using it but it was certainly something.Now i know that screen flickering can be a symptom of a bad PSU which is my only reasonable guess right now,at the same time it didn't come logical to me since my old cpu was only 65 watt and fx 8300 is 95watt .

Then i checked my temperature and it was around 80 °C which is extremely high for idle.I haven't used my thermal paste yet and im using my old fan from the amd athlon x2 250 stock fan.Even with this i don't think there is a way for my cpu to be 80°C on idle.So im starting to think that this may about my psu.Maybe its not enough

What makes things worse is i don't know my Psu watt since there is no label or anything that indicates it.

Im not a tech guy sorry if i sound idiotic but i really need help, i don't know if this is about psu or my cooling system or both....


Nov 13, 2018
I recommend you get thermal paste ASAP as the heat can damage your CPU. Thermal paste transfers heat however it does not evaporate and turns solid when it gets hot. This means you can use even toothpaste but it will be burnt off within a few minutes/hours (please don't do this).