Question New CPU; should I get a new CPU cooler?

Jun 5, 2020
My "windows box" has a ~8 year old motherboard with a LGA775 socket. For many years I had a Core 2 Duo, 3 Ghz, in there.

I decided to upgrade the CPU to a Core 2 Quad, also 3 Ghz. I bought a used CPU from Amazon.

I used the Intel CPU cooler that came with the Core 2 Quad. I have had some trouble seating it; I think the pins may be damaged.

When I turn on the system, everything works fine, but the system runs at 2.66 Ghz, and I noticed that after a few hours the CPU temp was hovering around 90 C.

After viewing an Intel how-two video on installing a CPU fan, I reset the fan again. Turned on the system, leaving it on the BIOS screen. Temps soon hit the low 60s C.

Soooooo. I'm wondering if I need a new CPU fan. I see that Amazon sells replacement CPU fan "legs," and if the only problem was seating I could go that route. But I wouldn't mind spending $20 - $30 on a new cooler.

Preferably one that wouldn't require removing the motherboard, but really, I don't like those plastic fins, and something that screws into a bracket might be nicer.

Recommendations welcome!



P.S. Not familiar with overclocking, just want a better-performing system for my occasional Windows usage.
Jun 5, 2020
Consider a Deepcool Gammaxx 400. It's in that price range and compatible with a host of Intel & AMD sockets, including LGA 775.

There is also no need to remove the motherboard to install it.

It will keep that CPU nice and cool.
I installed that cooler in my Windows box and fired it up this morning. After an hour the CPU temperature was still hovering below 30 C!

Thank you for the recommendation.
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It's simply amazing what the right equipment can actually do. Far too many people insist on saving $5 and end up with a cooler that's barely better than the stock cooler 'but the box says!.......'

That's a really good cooler for its price, 👍