New custom gaming pc build.


Sep 22, 2011
I'm going to be building a new gaming pc for myself and have included the links to all the items I will be purchasing. I have done a bit of research and read on the forums regarding the "do's and don'ts" and would like a look over to see if I have missed anything or if there is anything I should change. This is a moderately big investment for me and I want to make sure I do things right the first time.

Mobo -



Heatsink and fan for cpu -


HD -


Case -

The case I have chosen is still undecided as there is an antec case with removable drive bays and a bigger front fan that I might choose over this one. The costs are relatively the same. As I have stated before, if you see something that I might need to change or if I need to upgrade something, please let me know. I am only using this to play World of Warcraft and posibly SW:TOR with it comes out.

Damn, you could have named the parts in your post so I wouldn't have to open 8 linkys.

Anyway, build seems solid. I'd advice getting a different motherboard so can upgrade to Bulldozer at a later date if necessary: - it's actually cheaper than the old chipset one :lol:

The 1100T is kind of meh compared to this saves you another 20$. It's the same chip.

Damn that CPU cooler is fancy and expensive. Get this:

I just saved you a couple of tens of bucks that you could put towards a better GPU. 6870 or even 6950 :D

RAM, HDD all good. PSU is overkill for your setup go with this:

Case, well, if you think it's worth $100.

edit: :lol: now I did the same
Mobo: MSI AM3+ 970
CPU: 1090T instead of 1100T
Cooler: Xigmatek Gaia
GPU: 6870 or 6950 probably possible with the money I saved ya :p
PSU: Antec 500W one 80+