Question New Custom PC black flashes

Apr 14, 2021
I have just built a new computer a week ago, and upon starting it and installing the drivers, the screen flashed black multiple times, and some apps showed black screens.
I also got multiple blue screens. I suspected it was the graphics card which was the problem, so i ordered a new one from nvidia, Installed all the drivers, and still black screen flashing. I also reinstalled windows with a usb stick to be sure thats not the problem.
I also put in a different ssd, but apps are still sometimes showing black screens, blank pages.

What could the problem be? Faulty motherboard/ PSU?

I have built about 10 or so pcs already and never have encountered an issue like this.

PC Specs:
Windows 10
M.2 SSD 256gb
1050 ti
Ryzen 5 1600 stock cooler
450 Watt PSU