Question New custom PC keeps rebooting


Oct 1, 2014
PC keeps rebooting (Help)

I just built my new PC with these parts:

Ryzen 3600x
Tuf gaming x570 plus (motherboard)
RTX 2070
H510i (case)
SX 8200 pro (512gb ssd)
Spectrix D60G (16g ram)
Hyper 212 RGB cpu cooler
EVGA 650 G5 power supply

At first I booted the PC and it ran fine, I started installing windows and but then I turned eco mode off on the power supply and it restarted the PC, so windows did not properly finish installing is my best guess. However, after it reset I was fine and I was on the windows desktop. It auto installed some drivers too. I then turned the PC off and unplugged it, did some cable management and then when I tried to turn it on again it just reboots every 10 seconds. I can get to the bios fine, all the fans and RGB lights turn on fine, but the actual PC won’t get back to windows or even the page for me to put my password in.

I’ve tried rebuilding most of it, troubleshooting one ram stick at a time, tried HDMI to motherboard Instead of GPU, took off thermal paste and made sure I didn’t put too much or too little. I also made sure everything was plugged in all the way.

What else could I try?

Any help is appreciated