[SOLVED] New desktop not connecting to monitor

Nov 16, 2020
My 6 year old desktop died nearly 2 months ago and I've been working on a budget build for my graphics design job so far everything appears to be working fine except the boot LED is on and this is because I'm trying to boot of my old hard drive from my old PC I I plan to just wipe the hard drive and start from new but my PC will not detect a display I've tried two different monitors with an HDMI plugged into the MB slot but no dice.

I have a MSI MPG X570 gaming plus motherboard.
AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 3.7 GHz 8 CPU.
Crucial Ballistix 32 GB DDR4-3600 RAM.
XPC Core Reactor 750Watt 80 plus gold psu.

I also have a GPU but have not hooked it up to the MB yet it worked with my last MB the first one I bought for this build that had a faulty CPU slot (returned it) it was the same exact type of MB I have now so I'm certain the GPU will work I just want to focus on getting my PC to turn on and function first at this point.

My old hard drive is a WD Blue 1TB that's only 2 years old and still working fine.

I do not have a spare computer aside from a old Dell laptop on It's last legs so I have no easy way to test parts.

This is my first time building a PC I was suppose to have two tech friends helping me with it but life happens unfortunately I need a computer to start my job soon or I will not have a job any help tips idea literally anything is appreciated I've dived head first into a confusing world of computers and I'm beyond lost.

I'm sorry for pointless info dumps or unclear information or bad grammar I'm writing in this in a hurry.