[SOLVED] New display 60-144hz (possibly new gpu too?) Need opinions!:)

Is going from 1080p 24" to 1440p 27" a big positive difference?

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Dec 22, 2018
So I'm a 60hz gamer who now wants to upgrade the display to 144hz, and I'm not quite sure what I should do. I have a decent gpu, a 1060 6g which I tought I should be able to do 144hz 1080p with. I'm now using an IPS monitor that's pretty neat, not for gaming tho, with its 8 ms response time and only 60hz capability. (DELL U2414H)
The other parts of my computer are pretty strong, and that's where my question comes in.
If I saved up a little, I maybe could buy a new gpu and a new monitor too, which would make me able to play 144hz on 1440p. (I have a core i7 8700k which is already more expensive then my gpu itself, so maybe it would make sense to just go for the upgrade? Other parts are:16gb 3200mhz gskill ram, Z390 rog mb, and similairly kind-of expensive other parts. This is not to try to flex, maybe it will help someone make a point.)
So, there comes option one: Stay 1080p but go 144hz,
or two, go broke but make it amazing(?)

That was what I was wondering, would it make my experience much better if, instead of a 24 inch 1080p monitor I used a 27 inch 1440p one? With closely same fps if you consider I'd use 1080p wigh 1060 and the 1440p (probably) with a new rtx2070 super? Is it worth it? Becouse we are talking a sht ton of money, if I just got a monitor for my dpu rn it would be like 3-400 bucks, if I upgraded gpu then bought a 1440p display I'd have to spend a lot more. So is it worth it? I've never had first hand experience with 1440p or 144hz displays ever, so I'm wondering.
Also, my current monitor is pretty good with its colors, and it's really nice to look at. If I want a fast monitor, I'd probably have to give up the IPS panel and go with TN, but I've heard those are worse in like, colors and some even say they will make my eyes hurt after a couple of hours.
I'd respect some recommendations for good quality monitors of both 1440p 27 inch and 1080p 24inch that are of course: 144hz, 1ms response, AND G-sync (or if you can equally recommend a freesync one thats maybe a lot cheaper but very good quality and is good with nvidia cards too, then nice) (I have a repu for the greens, try not to recommend any red products omegalul)
And by "good quality monitor" I mean that it has nice colors contrast and stuff. I read that a good TN panel can be very good in those too. I'm just not sure how I can identify if said monitor is good or not. :D that's why I call for your help, tech gods. I'm giving this a point since I don't want my new monitor (after my IPS) to look like it's a potato. Then it wouldn't be worth the speed.

This is already a pretty long thread, so I'll try to sum it up

Is 27" 1440p so much better then 24" 1080p that it's worth for me to go broke for it, why/why not? Also, what nvidia card should I upgrade for with my system(look up) to be playing 1440p 144hz happily on most esports games? - I'm not really an ultra tomb raider player, I usually just do stuff like overwatch, maybe apex, some cs, league and mmos.
Please recommend nice monitors for 24" 1080p and 27" 1440p (G-sync, 144hz, 1-3ms, 24" ofc includes 23,8")
Possibly would like to get a monitor that has a minimal sized black line on the sides
One possibility for 1080p that I've found:

Acer Predator XN253QPbmiprzx
can't find reviews of this tho.
Maybe I should just wait a few months? ( if it's gonna be the big upgrade with new gpu I'll probably only get it around new years time anyways)

Thank you!