Sep 20, 2006

after completing just building my first computer today for the first time! I would install the drivers for my ecs nforce 939 mobo

I am so confused bout the drivers : in the cd, ecs.com and nvidia.com
what to choose?

i installed first from the cd.. okey so far everything went great...nooo problems.. then I thougt the sites have newer versions so I deleted the first drivers that I got from the cd and then went on :


and installed them.. guess how the work now... awful like HELL the bootup is 10 times longer the system is a bit slower and unknown hardware popups whol the time.WTF!!?

they should be better then the rfolllowing old drivers?

please please tell me what to do I feel ruined like hell after the system went great to shitt


Go back to your old drivers.

If you're going to install new drivers, read the release notes and find out what they fix or what they add.

No sense in fixing something that isn't broke.