New drivers - worse score


May 1, 2004
I had the 44.09 version drivers for my 4400 on my computer, and benchmarked it today for a 11085 score. I just installed the 56.72 drivers and got a 9945. My question is, which would be best for newer games? Should I reinstall the old drivers?


Jan 25, 2003
You won't notice big difference when you are gaming..the score between 9945 and 11085
just keep whichever one that causes you less problems.
I had score between 9000 and now 9700, i dun see much difference when i'm gaming..
Lotta people here with GF4tis swear by the older drivers, except that there are some compatability issues. If you play mostly new games I'd say use the new drivers, older games stick with the older drivers. However I'm sure there's others here with first hand experience.

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You probably missed the fact that nVidia had BUILT IN CHEATS for some drivers in 3DMark. These would lower the quality at certain distances and so forth in order to allow higher framerates. I believe the 44.x drivers were well known for that issue, Tom's wrote a big deal about it.

nVidia got caught and removed those cheats on newer drivers. So chances are your lower scores are caused by the fact that the newer driver doesn't cheat on quality!

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