New drives in Marvell RAID 0: How to format?


Dec 15, 2014
I have been running out of space on my 1TB drive for a long time, needing to delete bits and pieces of data here and there for my 3D and 2D multimedia projects, and I finally decided to upgrade. I bought two 4 TB drives and plan to run them in RAID 0. I know, I know, risky, not worth it blah blah blah. Not to worry, I have a legal version of Acronis Pro for automatic backups and a couple of external drives for manual backups, I am taking care of my data. This is the right choice for me, don't worry about it.

That being said, I have an ASUS Sabertooth X79, which for those unaware comes with two Intel SATA 3 ports, four Intel SATA 2 ports, and two Marvell SATA 3 ports. I am already using an Intel SATA 3 port for my boot SSD, so I decided to use the Marvell controller.

Everything is set up on the BIOS end, but Windows wants to format the virtual drive before I can use it. So here's my question:

Should I:

    ■ Format the "8 TB volume" as a simple volume?
    ■ Remove the RAID array in the Marvell RAID utility, format each physical drive as a simple volume, then set up the RAID?
    ■ Do a clean install of Windows 10 using the same (legally purchased) key?
    ■ Do something else entirely?

Thank you very much for your expertise!