New DS4 - XP setup fails... can't break the loop!


Sep 7, 2006
On friday I built the system in my sig. It all went perfectly, booted first time. Or so I thought...

Allow me to give some more details...

I used RAID0 on my old board (which used the ICH7R) and seeing as the DS4 uses the ICH8R I thought I'd just plug the drives in, enable RAID in BIOS and see what happens... So I did that, and booted up, and exactly what I thought would happen happened... It gets to the XP splash screen then reboots, obviously because Windows doesn't have the newer driver for the ICH8R. So I thought I'd do a "repair" installation of XP so I don't lose anything. So I started this, it copies all the setup files etc, then it gets as far as "Installing devices" and just stops at "34 minutes remaining". Every time... I've left it alone for an hour or more, but it doesn't budge. System is totally unresponsive apart from the mouse which still moves.
Then I thought "Silly me! Why didn't I just boot to the recovery console and manually copy over the newer iaStor.sys driver to the system32/drivers folder... So I checked, and it's already been copied (makes sense... pretty obvious actually, I suppose) So now Windows recognises the drivers correctly and can read the disks.

BUT... It's stuck in this loop. How can I tell windows to stop doing the "Setup is restarting..." thing? I've tried a whole bunch of things... Boot.ini is already of the vanilla variety, I've used bootcfg, fixboot, blah blah... I'm guessing there's a registry entry/entries that tell Windows it's in the middle of setup. Anyone know where these are? I could use an NTFS boot disk and use REG to delete them...

I REALLY don't want to have to format or do a fresh install. I've been using this incarnation of XP for about 3 years and it's EXACTLY how I want it to be, and it took those 3 years to get it there. I've backed up all my data, but the XP image itself (including apps) is about 30GB, so I can't back it up onto DVD and I don't have any more HDDs (only got 3x80GB!)

So I know this may sound a little mean or rough or whatever, but I would like to hear possible technical solutions to my problem, not "format and do a fresh install" I know how to do that, but it's an absolute last resort.


Oct 9, 2006
Problem is, you've already tried more of a solution than many on here would care to give anyway! I cant say I've ever wanted an installation to stop half way through...can't say I'd trust it either.

You do know that by now you could have probably formatted, reinstalled and fannied about for hours getting things back the way you liked safe in the knowledge you havent bodged anything! ;)