New Edge Browser, what do you think of it?


Aug 27, 2014
Personally, I've always been 100% against anything Microsoft, especially within the Browser category.
Up until ~2002, I used Firefox, however, firefox became bloated, and slowed my system down.
From there, I had the choice to run a bloated browser that worked well, or run a lightweight browser that couldn't load all pages well.
Since I only had 1 to 2 GB of RAM at the time, limited in funds, and did a lot of Internet research, I stuck with Opera.
Opera was (and in some ways still is) my main go-to as a browser.

A couple of years later, around 2015, I had the opportunity to try out Chrome browser. And while being pretty bloated, it ran surprisingly well. 2018, and Chrome got in the news for retrieving a lot of browsing data, and I switched over to Chromium.
2019, and Chromium no longer was supported by Linux, but was installed through snap; which was a terrible mistake imho.
It didn't load well, and had lots of issues, mainly because of snap.
So my search for a lightweight browser began again.
Lubuntu 19.04 came out, and it came with Firefox again. This time, firefox had redeemed itself, and runs quite fine on 2GB of RAM in Linux.

However, not all my PCs have Linux.
I still have a Windows laptop, and this one pushed an update for the new Edge.
I tried it out. Memory footprint is surprisingly low. It's blazing fast. And it looks decent (unlike the previous edge, which looked like a cheap budget browser for a phone).

I'm still testing it, but I'm damn'd surprised about how well it works!
And that from someone who's tested nearly all browsers on the market (including text based browsers on Linux like Links, Elinks, w3m and others)...

I'm far from liking MS, but I find that credit needs to be given, where credit is due.
The new Edge browser is faster than any other browser on the market today.
It loads almost all pages I've surfed on, correctly.
It zooms fast, it's clear and crisp, has a low footprint.
Almost as if it had the speed of Opera (faster even), the compatibility of Firefox or Chrome.
Where it lacks a bit, is in extensions. It doesn't have as many extensions yet.
And some don't work well (DAP for instance, doesn't work as an extension).

Anyone else tried it out?
What are your thoughts about it?
Jul 30, 2020
So far I have installed it in all my devices, I have not tested the speed myself but all the comparisons I could found spoke about it being at least as fast as Chrome.

I have sold my soul to Google before, but I still keep some privacy nostalgia and MS has done quite decent job with this new Edge. It has though a lack of extensions, and I would say that at these speeds-per RAM consumption are not really relevant (as for myself I have not had a significant user experience improvement from using Firefox for the last 2 years, same being told for Chrome un W10 and Android platforms).

I have experienced aswell some issues login in Google services from Edge, and It is not a constante error. This would be the only CON I could underline.

Also, that new Opera with RAM control looks promising!


I am "testing" New Edge on a backup All-in-One. Wireless connection and farthest from the router.

Actually, "tinkering with" is probably a better choice of wording.

New Edge seems to run well when used.

However; I am still working out all of the end-user options regarding privacy, security, configuration options, etc..

Seems to revert back to various default settings from time to time. For example Bing kept cropping up/coming back.
Surfing on it now.

Our work enviro revolves around Google. In order to keep from forgetting to log out/in to the correct profile I keep all my personal surfing/posting/searching to "another" browser. Edge. I have never really cared for Firefox.
I personally like it will enough. It's an awful lot like Chrome, so...


Oct 25, 2017
I'm also browser worm like you, or at least was. Had lots of browsers inlucding Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi, you just name lol... Anyway, I stopped my choice at Google Chrome, so it's been my default browser for years as it provides everything I need from browser. Later when Windows 10 was released and with it their new browser Edge, I checked it and tried, but didn't like it. You are right, it was like a cheap version of modern browser, so I ignored it. Recently, Microsoft started showing me ads of their improved Edge. I downloaded it and checked and you're again right - it seems really nice, normal, modern browser. I can't comment on RAM usage, because I don't care about it, because I have 16GB RAM which is plenty for everything and if browser uses a bit more MB, it really doesn't bother me. So, I became at the dilemma - which browser to use for default, should I keep it Chrome or switch to Edge? I decided to make Edge my main browser. I imported everything from Chrome which surprisingly was done very fast and easy and it imported everything (if I remember correctly) and then I decided to install it in my android phone too, so they could sync, but boy, I was wrong! Seems like Edge doesn't support syncing of "open tabs" & "history" and the latter is important for me as sometimes I browse something in my Chrome on desktop computer, then go to bed and decide to check the history of browsed sites in my phone. Edge says they don't support syncing of history, payment and open tabs right now, but these features will be available soon, after some months. So, because of that, I went back to Google Chrome, well at least, at this moment, until Edge implements syncing of those things. Another issue I ran on Edge was regarding profiles of browsers. I use several profiles in Chrome and if I was going to use Edge as my main browser, I definitely needed profiles there too. Good thing is, Edge also supports this feature, but I ran into some issue, I can't recall now unfortunately.

Anyway, everything else looked really good in Edge and I think it's a really great browser. Just to implement and fix few things and it will be serious competitor of Chrome, in my opinion. And recently I think Microsoft is improving a lot, not only Edge, but Windows 10 is also great OS.