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Jan 7, 2014
Hello in the past month i have had a Skyrim obsession and that obsession has led me to install the Elder scrolls 3 Morrowind, A game i have never played before and has been "collecting dust" at the bottom of my game library for years, my experience with the game only comes from experience from other games of the same Genre. Oblivion, Skyrim Ect, I knew that the game would be Alot harder, i knew that it does not show map markers and the combat is extremely unforgiving and that is what got me to install it, for i have played Skyrim for well over 1000 hours now and find even the hardest difficulty is way too easy past level 30.

iv been playing Morrowind now for about 40 hours across 2 characters, i played as a Nord and did not like the race so i defaulted back to my Second most favorite Elder scrolls race, First being the Dwarves, but you cant play as them, my Second favorite being the Orcs. i have stayed up well into the night entirely immersed in the world of this game i was astounded by how much more immersive Morrowind is, even playing with the difficulty Sliders set to 0 i was finding myself Obsessing over being prepared for Exploring Dungeons and ruins, Making sure i have all the potions i need and scrolls, Making sure my armor is repaired. Something that you just don't give a damn about in Oblivion or Skyrim.

One problem i have with the game is that you can't really have followers that you can give Gear to and give you a sense of Friendship while you travel the world. that and the character movement is freaking funny as hell Especially the Argonians, but other then that i find the graphics to be really REALLY good for a 2002 game, and from what i have experienced so far the game is very polished (for 2002) i have encounted no bugs of any kind. Cant say the same for Skyrim =(

Anyway, with my opinion of the game so far out of the way i would like to Begin to discuss the problem i have encountered with the game, although not really a problem more of a shocking "forced understanding" of how the loot works in this game. i found myself using the same armor for a very long time, that armor being Steel (heavy armor) iv had the same armor since level 1 all the way to level 9 up til i got tired of it and went on the internet so see where i could get some better armor. The people on the internet said that i should explore Dwarven ruins, for for they can house Dwarven weapons and armor.

So thats what i did, i googled Dwarven ruin locations on google and followed the map to the ruins, the first ruins i explored i got Dwarven legs and one Dwarven Bracer, i was pretty happy about it. I liked the Direction i was going so i decided to go into another Dwemer ruin Hoping i would Eventually Get a Set of Dwarven Armor. but this is where the "problem" began i was exploring the Dwarven ruin that was infested with Vampires and i came acrost a Room with Two chests one of the chest had no lock on it and the other has a level 20 lock, i just recently found out how to lock pick (dumb i know) so i used a apprentice lock pick i had on me to open the Heavy dwarven Chest and to be absolute Shock i found a Pair of Daedric Legs and Ebony boots with a Dwarven Chest. i was really happy about it, so i searched the next Second Heavy dwarven chest to find an Ebony Short sword and Ebony legs.

I put the armor on and ventured deeper into the Dwarven ruins, I went through a Loading screen door. and was Attacked by a Vampire wearing FULL Ebony armor with a Ebony mace, with a combination of Healing scrolls useing the Right Weapon combination and tatical retreating i was able to kill Her after like my 10th try ( lol ) and i got full Ebony armor, after i got the ebony armor, i kinda felt uneasy about getting this kind of gear when i am only level 9, i am going from steel armor to full ebony with Daedric legs. a part of me feels like i just ruined the game for myelf by accident by venturing into this Ruin, Expecting Dwarven gear but getting some of the best armor in the game. a part of me wanted to just drop the armor on the ground and put my steel armor back on. and continue to find the Dwaven armor. for a more balanced experience. i felt like i have not earned the Ebony and Daedric because i just found it, and yeah the Vampire fight was hard and all but i still killed her at level 9, and i am 100% certain that their are people that have done it at level 1. Tell me what you think of this Experience.
Tell me what you think of this Experience.
I think if you're only level 9, you cannot judge how difficult the game will be yet. I never played Oblivion or Morrowind, but I have played Skyrim, Mass Effect, and other RPGs at length, and I know from experience you can't always judge them based on first reactions. Even Assassin's Creed is now more or less RPG with the changes in Odyssey. I just played through on Hard, and it certainly had it's challenges, especially the fight against Medusa, which takes careful planning and prep. So I can imagine what Nightmare mode will be like.

So my advice is just be glad for now you got more than you were looking for, and keep on exploring. The beauty of a well made RPG is they are feature rich enough to adjust to your level of skill by what items you choose to use and how you choose to play them. What I liked about Skyrim is you could literally play it any way you like. I stayed as Nord and never got into mage skills. I also avoided mages wherever possible, and found ranged methods that worked when I had to deal with them. What I loved most about Skyrim was the dragon battles.

You could also look at it this way, it was your fear of Morrowind being too hard that lead you to seek advice on where to get best armor. Perhaps you should have been more confident and made your own decisions on where to explore. That's the only way you can feel you truly conquered the game on your own, and yields the most rewarding feeling.

Often times the ease and convenience of internet chat and Google are what really ruins games, not the game design. 1000 hours is a ton of time to put into a game, and my guess is, before Master difficulty started feeling too easy, there were many difficult times while grinding and getting to know Skyrim. At the end of the day though, that's replay value 101, and it seems you may have lost a lot of that in Morrowind looking to quell your fears on the internet. You probably won't know until you're well into the game though.
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