New fan installation


Dec 31, 2009
I seem to have solved my overheating problem I got a 80mm fan but I have a newbie "stupid" question... Does it matter which way the fan faces? One side has the wire and I assumed that side is what faces the inside of the computer but I'm not sure if it matters it seems to blow the air out that way so I'm not sure if it's supposed to get the warmness from inside and blow it out or get air from the outside to blow in and keep components cool? I know stupid question but I appreciate the help and I know theres a lot of knowledgable people here willing to help thank you


Jan 3, 2010
front of the fan that has a sticker in the center or a logo. it spins. it looks like a circle, the fins attach to it. is the side that SUCKS the air, the other side, the back, is the side that BLOWS the air. you want it BLOWING on your parts you want to cool. now you gotta decide if you want the fan as a EXHAUST fan or an INTAKE fan. I would say to you to have it as an INTAKE fan because you got a exhaust fan and a PSU fan that pulls air out. so mount the fan in the case to blow on your parts, or on the case for intake. aslo get a nice 120mm fan and replace your exhaust fan on the back.


Dec 28, 2009
Not quite, two 120mm fans are not the same as one 240mm.
Two 120mm fans would have the same surface area as a 170mm fan and that's not even factoring in the fan speeds.
You should match the flow rate (cfm) of the total intake and exhaust, aim for more intake than exhaust under normal operation to give a slight positive pressure to reduce the dust being sucked through any case openings and vents..