Question New / First Build - Meshify Mini C and Potential Cooling Issues

Jun 23, 2020
Hey Guys,

Was hoping for a bit of help as I seem to be getting pretty high temperatures on my EVGA 2070 Super Gaming XC and CPU (first PC build a couple of weeks ago), despite having what I believe to be a case that permits good airflow and what I understand is a good fan and cooling configuration.

PC parts as follows:
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All drivers and BIOS are up to date.
I have the 2no. 140mm pure wings as frontal intakes, and the 120mm as a rear exhaust.
The Dark Rock 4 is positioned in a pull setup with the fan pulling front to back, in line with the top frontal intake and the top rear exhaust.
PC is desk mounted and I live in the UK. Current room temperature is 20-26oC.

GPU - Monitored using EVGA Precision X1:
Idle 40-45oC.
No overclock.
In short benchmarks such as TimeSpy my average GPU temperature records around 74oC with peaks of 80+oc. When gaming i.e. maxed out WoW BFA or COD Warzone in 1440P the GPU soon hits 80+oC. Whilst less graphically demanding, LoL can churn out 240+FPS and barely touch 50oC.

CPU - Monitored Using Ryzen Master:
Idle 35-45oC.
No overclock, PBO on auto within BIOS.
Cinebench r20 (short benchmark) hits around r20 hits around 74oC. 20 mins of Prime 95 (default Blend stress test) averages around 75oC with a peak of 81oC.

Tried Solutions:
I have numerous of fan curves i.e. different curves, front RPM % matching rear RPM, front RPM % not matching rear RPM % etc. but am really struggling to find a working solution. The case fans are fairly quiet even at max load so I don't mind using this in my favour. Case fans have been set based on the SYS sensor on the understanding that as the GPU heats up, it will heat the case. Given that the average SYS temp is 40oC, this is where I start to kick in a fairly aggressive curve.
I have tried a range of custom fan curves on the GPU although anything above approximately 60% fan speed starts to sound pretty loud, especially given how quiet the case is typically. Whichever curve I try I tend to have the fans always on at some speed up to the idle temperature to prevent the fans clicking on and off. The GPU fans are seemingly critical to maintaining somewhat reasonable temperatures although are by far the loudest element of the PC, even at lower RPM.

Apologies for the wall of text, I have tried to talk through this as systematically as possible. I may be overthinking things but it is rather disheartening seeing a slew of users with Ryzen 3600 at max 70oC on stock cooler and 2070 super users not breaching 70oC. I'm more than happy to provide any further information that may hopefully help.

Many thanks!


I'm not seeing a serious problem.

There's so many potential variables between yours and 'theirs' setups that can change SO much, that it turns into an apples to oranges comparison unless you have the EXACT same hardware and software settings as they do.