New forum section?


Is it possible and/or feasible to have a new section geared towards prosumers and workstations?
If so, can Tom's open up a new section?

Most of the forum posts are geared towards gaming rigs, there are quite a few that ask about professional 3D modeling and/or video editing. However, all those posts are located where enthusiast posts are, making it hard to locate an unanswered post requesting help for the professional segment of the market.

Although they can go to the IT Pro Business Computing section, the atmosphere there is a completely different one than of a professional content-creating post. In the IT Pro Business section, what is discussed about is VMWare ESXi, Active Directory, Server 2012, and 2U rackmount servers, not Quadro M4000 vs FirePro W8100 for Premiere Pro CC 2015. This is the wrong section to post because Business Computing talks about infrastructures, something that is different from gaining the most performance for content creation.

Therefore, I think we should have a new section of the forum, geared towards prosumers and workstations.


Apr 12, 2015
Ironically, this is tagged as gaming :D.

I second this. A significant problem that posters with questions about business and professional builds face is that most people don't grasp is that DAWs and 3D Rendering builds are different from your run of the mill gaming PC. Most of the recommendations they give are suggested in good faith, but the fact remains that simply because these types of threads end up next to general Gaming build requests, many people assume they aren't that different and give suggestions that aren't really suitable for the purpose.