New Game - Toontown 2005 - Gag Order



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The Cogs have created permanent embankments on the outskirts of
Toontown and are capturing and holding storekeeper Toons hostage. Can
you defeat the Cogs and rescue them?

Battle the Cogs by matching three or more gag icons in a vertical or
horizontal line. Whenever you match three or more gags, your Toon will
use that gag against the Cog.

The LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys move your Toon from side to side, while
the DOWN arrow key pulls gag icons toward you. The most you can carry
at one time is 7. The UP arrow key throws the gag icons that you're
carrying. Your game ends if the gag icons end up reaching the bottom of
the playfield.

NP Ratio:
100 NP per 100 pts scored