New Gaming Build (1500$, no monitor)

Feb 2, 2019

Approximate Purchase Date: e.g.: this month
Budget Range: ~1500$ (parts only) (will update according to the pricing in my country)
System Usage: Gaming
Are you buying a monitor: No (need to support 144Hz 1080P)
Do you need to buy OS: No
Overclocking: No
SLI or Crossfire: No
storage required: 2/3TB HDD + 250/500 SSD (prefer better performance if there is a major difference)

Additional Comments:
I've been reading some recommanded specs in the forum, and i'm pretty sure i'll go with a combination of:
Ryzen 7 2700 and RTX2060
as for all the other parts i'm practically clueless.

Quiet PC is Very important
Need support for Wifi (A/C/N)
Micro ITX is Preffered

And Most Importantly, Why Are You Upgrading:
have a MSI GT72 laptop dominator pro which i plan to keep for media and such, but want to run new games on high settings on the desktop


Tell me more about your ITX preference.

What is your plan for a case?
ITX implies a very small case which does not usually go well with lots of storage and hot cpu/gpu components.
Quiet will be an issue in a small case, a small number of fans will need to spin fast to provide adequate cooling

If case size is not a big issue, look for a M-ATX case

As to gaming with a top graphics card, I like the faster core speed of the new 9th gen intel processors.
All of the K suffix units will oc to about 5.0.
Ryzen tops out around 4.2.
You pick the number of threads you need.
I think the 6 core i5-9600k would be ok, and is priced similar to the r7-2700.
Most games can not effectively use more than 4 threads.
The I7-9700K has 8 cores for about $100 more.
Since budget is an issue, I would not go i9-9900K.

What is your need for storage?
Is it for bulk storage like videos, or is it for games.

With an intel Z390 based motherboard, you will have an option to use a optane device for a dynamic cache for the hard drive.
They are about $50 for a 32gb device.

You will want two m.2 slots, one for your m.2 pcie windows C drive and one for your m.2 optane device.

On the windows C drive, try for a Samsung 960/970 evo in 500gb.
Feb 2, 2019
Voted down by mistake, sorry.
I can live with mid Atx, this is for home use only.
I don't plan to overclock. Will the i5 9600k still beat the ryzen?
For storage, 250-500gb for gaming, 2-3TB for videos and other media.