New Gaming Case or Battlefield Premium


Nov 19, 2011
Hello, as a lot of you probably already know, Battlefield Premium has just been released today and I am tempted to buy it but I was wondering which one you would get, a new computer gaming case or battlefield premium? I currently have a Rosewill Challenger Mid Tower Gaming ATX Case and I like the case but I do not think that there is enough air flow in the case for my components and to be honest I do not particularly like the look of the case. Plus I am planning on upgrading in the future and I do not think there is enough room in the case for the new parts and also I do not want to have a beast machine with a crappy case. So I have two options, Buy a new gaming computer case or buy battlefield premium, for the case I am considering the NZXT Phantom Full Tower ATX Case.
What do you guys think I should do?
You REALLY do not want this case, do you?
How can you say you 'like the case'?