Question New gaming laptop not performing as expected

Aug 25, 2020
2 weeks ago, I bought a new gaming laptop, expecting to run all my games, and more demanding games in the future. I just wanted a good, stress less experience, but my laptop is not running anywhere near as I expected it to. Not only is the FPS bad, but it also randomly freezes my screen and drops to 2 fps as times. My laptop is the medion erazer gaming notebook p15805.

I've tried much more over the past days, and none have worked. Some have even decreased my performance.

Changing power settings
Changing nvidia 3d settings
Running game using nvidia driver
Uninstalling and reinstalling Nvidia drivers manually


gtx 1660 ti
CORE I5 9300H
8gb ram
256gb sdd
1tb hdd

Here are the games I tested:

Fortnite (low settings) - Average 70 FPS
Fortnite (epic settings) - Average 30 FPS
Rocket league (all high) - average 100 fps
CS:GO (all high) - average 100 fps
Hitman - (Medium) - average 50 fps (sometimes 20)

Minecraft with a few mods installed (lowest settings and tested in large multiplayer server) - average 120 Fps

As said before, I was also getting few random frame drops and stutters on all these games, all the way to as low as 2 fps. I've seen other laptops with even worse specs perform better than this. I was expecting to be touching at least 200 FPS on low settings in these non demanding games. How am I going to play more demanding games like assassins creed, which I plan to, when I can barely run simpler games?

What I mainly want to know is if weather it possible that my 1660 ti laptop, with my cpu and ram just supposed to run like or is it a random system problem? So I would have to return the product. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
Aug 25, 2020
It almost looks like you're gaming using the 9300H's GPU.
Are you sure you AREN'T?
I don't think so, i've set it to use my nvidia GPU. Plus, you sure the intel integrated GPU would even be able to run these games at all? Especially hitman