Dec 22, 2015
So i need to buy a new mouse I could only see 3 good mouse which is steelseries rival 5, hyperx pulsefire surge RGB and logitech G503, my money could through steel series 5 i need good quality mouse since my old rival 100 is already broken, my hand is kinda big and i always use claw when using my mouse. and honestly im more go to the rival 5 but idk whether its good or not.

And please by all mean you could also provide me with your recommendation.

Thank you.


Win 11 Master
Well, i can't help make you decide to use something other than Steelseries as its all I have used for about 9 years or so. I had a Sensei and needed a new mouse but kept not seeing anything better. Eventually mouse forced me to update when it started causing problems on my PC, so now I have a Rival 600, as its more or less the same shape. Its about 2 years old now and still works fine. (its not a recommendation, just showing it)