New gaming (?) notebook

Nov 28, 2019
Hi there

I'm a bit in a hurry to buy a new notebook.
I sold my 2018 MacBoo Pro some month ago and considering to switch back to windows because of the price and the gaming ability.

I have some notebooks in mind, but can't decide. Battery life is not a deal breaker, but build quality should be nice and low noise when browsing or watching movies would also be great. 15 inch is okay. The trackpad is kind of important because on the MacBook that is excellent and I'm looking for a really nice one.

The Razer blade is not officially available in Switzerland so this is no option.
But I saw the Asus Zephryus M GU502 and S GX502 (still don't know if there is also a quality difference of the case or just the internals). They look good but in some reviews they talk about loud noise even on idle.
Also the Acer Triton 500 is on my shortlist or the Dell Alienware 15 M2. They all fit my need spec wise.
Unfortunately there is no store where I could try out these devices here in Switzerland.

But now, I have an offer from my company to buy a HP Omen notebook für just 2'000 US$ (Black friday and employee sale) with an i9 CPU, 2080 GPU, 32GB RAM, 144Hz screen). Specs are here for example:
But I can't find any single review of that unit. I don't know about the keyboard or trackpad, possible heating issue, fan noise and so on.

Does anyone of you personally own one of these devices or knows about them?