Question New gaming pc build, having issues with games crashing.


Jun 15, 2017
My 3rd gaming pc, 1st I've built myself. Put it all together, downloaded the correct drivers for everything, made sure Bios was updated, made sure Ram speed and everything was input correctly.
The only 3 games I have installed currently are Escape from Tarkov, Apex Legeds, and Rainbow Six Siege.

In Tarkov, I had the game crash 4 times the other day, 3 times in one game on a larger map with more to load, and once more at a random time. Haven't had many crashes since, hopefully it was just a random thing.

In Apex, I had the game crash several times after I first tried to launch it, then after a couple times it just worked and hasn't crashed since I don't think.

In Rainbow Six Siege, the most recent download, it crashed the first time when I tried to load into a Terrorist Hunt, screen goes black, boots me back to desktop, then the screen goes blue with Windows ":( Something has caused your PC to reboot, please wait while the we reboot it for you" (Or something similar).
Rebooted pc, try to launch Siege again. Steam pulls up the install window for the game, prompting that the game isn't installed. I go through the process and it discovers pre-existing files, etc. After all that, I re-launch Siege, and was able to load into and play through a Terrorist Hunt until I died. Went back to main menu, did some messing with characters and whatnot, was trying to look at notifications in-game or something then the game crashes again, doing the same thing as before with Windows blue " :( " screen rebooting my pc, and having to discover pre-existing files for Siege again. I haven't tried launching it a 3rd time yet but I probably will to see what happens soon.

Edit: I launched Siege twice more after this. The first time, game launched okay, messed with menus, then my monitor shut off and said "Displayport not Detected". I could hear the game running in the background for a bit, but then it quit. I tried re-plugging my displayport cable in and on/off my monitor, didn't work. Rebooted my PC manually, re-launched Siege (without having to re-discover files through steam), the game crashed again in the menu after about a minute, but I did NOT get the Windows blue screen error rebooting my pc. I was able to send the crash report through Uplay successfully.

I tried to send Crash reports to Ubi through the Uplay launcher but not sure they worked because my pc rebooted.
I also entered Event Viewer in Windows, and saw a few Error messages when it caused my Pc to reboot. Tried googling those errors and it wasn't helpful. I don't know if I missed something in my building/setup process with my PC or what, but it's stressing me out a bit because it was an expensive build and I seemingly did everything correct. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.

These are my Pc specs:
Running on Windows 10 Pro.
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Feb 7, 2020
I have the exact same problem. The game crashes, screen goes black then says display port and i don't know how to fix. Then when i turn my screen back on only discord and spotify remain open .....
i have tried to buy a new ssd to no success and have fully reset windows several times only for games to crash in the first few minutes. I am completely stuck.

EDIT: I am now getting graphical glitches even after ive ran DDU. My guess is a faulty card.
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