[SOLVED] New Gaming PC: CPU/GPU question

Jan 26, 2019
I'm looking at a new system and my question is will the 2700x work well with 32" 2k 144hz monitor? Should I get a 2070 or 2080....

Right now I'm looking at 2700x, 16 GB DDR4 3200 Memory, 500 GB M.2 primary drive, 3 TB 3.5" HDD, RTS 2070 or RTS 2080... or should I go to 8700/9700 intels.

Is my money spent on the 2080 better to be spend on large M.2 drive. (I have a Samsung 1 TB 860 EVO drive I purchase on sale I can put into the system)

The system I have now is 980ti and 4690k, 2k gaming at 60 hz.. so this will be a major upgrade in PC in my opinion.

Thanks for the response and time in advance.


Apr 3, 2018
Attention there are two types of M.2. The NVME one and the SATA one. The SATA one is similar in performance to classic SSDs and is only justified by size (eg for a laptop). The NVME one is better than the SDD but in no way expect a jump similar to the one that involved the passage from HDD to SDD.

I think if you already have a 1TB SDD you can save to get the 2080.

The Ryzen 2 2700x is a good CPU for all purposes, also for games it is a good CPU, but it is not exceptional. In games it is up to an I5-8400 (in some games the I5 is better, in others the Ryzen but with little difference). For other uses, such as render, the Ryzen is far better.

But, if you want a very good PC for games you should go to Intel (the CPUs you indicate would be fine).