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Question New gaming pc problem

May 22, 2020
Hi, i ordered my pc parts about 2 weeks ago and after installing win 10 and drivers (first i installed gpu driver manually and amd b450 chipset driver and the rest i installed with driver booster) i rebooted my pc and i was stuck at infinite win 10 spinning circle when booting. I tried to google and some people said to try and enable fast boot, by default fast boot was disabled for me so i choose "Ultra fast" option.

New problem happened now as soon as i saved my settings and pc restarted i was stuck on black screen not even getting to the POST screen, my keyboard and mouse light didnt even light up neither my hdd led light on the case would flicker but everything in the case would light up. When i pressed the restart key the pc would boot normal so the problem happens only when i save my bios settings and the pc restarts or when i totally shut down my pc and try to turn on.

I saw that other people had the same problem but nothing really helped me. Things i tried:

Reinstall windows twice,
use one memory stick,
turn off XMP profile for RAM,
use different power supply
turn off my other hard drives and only use ssd and nothing helped.

Im thinking that the motherboard is the issue cause when fast boot is set to Ultra fast i don't even get to the POST screen and i dont think that any part can cause the motherboard to not get to the POST screen. I must point out that i took the SSD ,hard drives and the GPU from my old pc but im using the old pc now with those parts and everything works like it should. Im not using my new pc because im thinking about returning the MBO back to the shop to get it replaced.

So the problems are: If fast boot is turned off in the bios pc is stuck on infinite win 10 spinning circles, if fast boot is set to Ultra fast as soon as i press save and exit from bios im stuck on the black screen with no POST or anything or when i totally shut down my pc and try to turn it on again (After pressing the restart pc boots).When i restart my pc i can use it without any problems at all im just annoyed that i have to restart it every time that i want to use my pc if i shut it down. Im thinking

Sorry if my english is bad or if i made any mistakes im from Croatia.
  • CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
  • MBO: ASRock B450M HDV R4.0 (Using the newest bios 3.70)
  • RAM: Kingston Fury 16 GB DDR4 3200 MHz
  • PSU: Corsair CV550
  • GPU: GTX 1050 from my old pc that is around one year old
  • Crucial SSD 240GB and 2 HDD all three are from my old pc including the GPU