New gaming rig wont boot please help


Dec 25, 2012
Hi all.

I finally recieved all my parts and built a pc for the first time...problem is it wont boot.

When i hit the power button, some case leds light up on the front for literallly a split second and nothing else fans start up no noise at all. But then if i try boot up again nothing happens at all..not even case leds light up.

Ive read the sticky on here about what it could be luck

I havent got a cd/dvdrom attached as i only own an old ide one..but im sure thats not the issue.

Everything is new apart from the hardrive which i took from my current machine no issues with it though.

I followed the mobo manual to plug the case switchs/led/speaker etc in, so there in the right place.

Applied thermal paste between cpu and heatskin and plugged that in

Ram is properly inserted

Mobo has been propped up by standoffs

The gtx 660 is plugged in...ive checked on multiple sites and all parts are compatible.

Im stuck please help iv tried everything i can think of !!! :(

Gigabit Z77-ds3h 1155 socket
Evga gtx 660
Intel i5 3570
750w psu
8gb corsair vengeance ram

Thank u so much