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Question New Gaming System for the Kids


Aug 10, 2011
I want to buy a new gaming rig for the kids, I will be buying the components through Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, it's basically a XTmas present for them. The price range I am trying to stay is around or below $1500 (with or without rebates don't matter). Its mains use is for gaming, they only play one game: FORNITE, I want to include a monitor 1080p 144Hz, I already have a license ready for Windows 10 Pro.

I am not sure if I will be overclocking the system, most likely what I will do is just keep it at boost speed by default. Websites I like to purchase the components usually are newegg and amazon because of prices deals and fast shipping, but I can go with other sites as well, these are my preferences but not solid on them all the time. We will be assembling the PC our selves in the state of ORE.

This is the list we have for now, we are open to suggestions:



Jul 12, 2014
Just my personal opinion, but I'd definitely get a power supply that at least has 80+ Bronze certification or better, simply because they are more efficient, and they also tend to have longer warranties for in case they die. I'd also go for a bit more storage, for in case they decide to play any other games later on, but that can easily be upgraded in the future when prices come down more, so I don't think it particularly matters.

Also, on another note, I'd recommend looking at the i5-9600K and the Ryzen 5 3600X on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, and checking which one is cheaper, because while the i5 is usually marginally faster in games, the Ryzen has multithreading/SMT, so in some scenarios and also some games, it will perform better, as the i5 may run out of threads faster, depending on the game. I'd imagine if they had a better computer, they would have interest in playing a few more games as well, but that's just me. They are both very good CPUs though and are basically equivalent in performance, so whichever is cheaper at the time is probably the best option.