Oct 7, 2007
Good evening experts!! :hello:

I am looking forward to someone take your time and help me out.

So i would appreciate and be greatful to people for actually helping me on this subject.

I am looking a gaming machine(the more fps , the better). So if you have anything to offer/suggest me,

For the best performace of a system worth of 700£.

Oh and almost forgot , I am looking into Overclocking it. (mobo/cpu/vid/ram) :sarcastic:

So ofcourse , a decent mobo/cpu for OC is a must , suggest me :)

Thank you once again. :sleep:
Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

You can find HERE how to build a PC. Read the guides, build the PC and post the components here, after this, we can give you advices.

P.D. Use THIS format to ask for advice.

P.D. We don't build the rig for you, you build the rig yourself and we advice to you.