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Jul 31, 2022
Hello Guys,

I am planning on building a new gaming PC.
Right now I have Nvidia 1070 GTX, 16GB RAM and an Intel Xeon E3-1231 v3, and (apparently) a CPU bottleneck of ~31%.
For my next build, I would like to minimize the bottleneck as much as possible.

I am playing on 1440p and I only use the PC for gaming, nothing else, and I do not care about LEDs or fancy stuff. I play CoD Warzone, Squad and sometimes BF2042.

I want to upgrade the CPU / Mainboard / RAM first, preferable with AMD components, and use the old 1070 GTX until the GPU prices come down a bit more. I am aiming for a 6700 XT or maybe a 6800 XT. Limit for CPU / Mainboard / RAM would be ~500€ / USD.

What I looked up so far (links are on the prices):
CPUAMD Ryzen 5 5600X 190€
RAMG.Skill RipJaws V schwarz DIMM Kit 32GB, DDR4-3600, CL18-22-22-42110€
MainboardGigabyte B550 Gaming X105€
PSUbe quiet! Pure Power 11 600W ATX 2.472€
Total 477€

With this build and a 6800 XT I am getting a bottleneck of ~5.7%, which I think is neglegtable regarding the price. Do you see any issues in my build or things to improve / change?
I am not so sure about the mainboard, RAM and the PSU.

  1. Mainboard: Would you recommend another one? I dont need WiFi or a lot of USB slots (mouse, keyboard, 5.1 headset). Can you recommend one with a good audio chip?
  2. PSU: Right now I have a Be Quiet! 530W 80+ Gold, can I keep it or do I have to buy a stronger one? Are there any issues in trying the old one and replacing it, when the system gets unstable? I have 1 SSD & 2 HDDs mounted.
  3. RAM: Do I really need 32GB for the games I am playing? Or are 16GB still enough? I checked, and I rarely get above 11-12GB ram consumption atm.

I have added the build to in case you want to easily adjust something:

Any help is appreciated :)
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Jul 31, 2022
your ram selected doesnt seems to be compatible with your mainboard at its rated speed, so you may have issues when enabling XMP 3600

your mainboard doesnt lists your ram
gskill doesnt lists your mainboard
thats a red flag right there

ah, thanks for pointing that out! I thought as long as it has the supported speed and type it will work. then I guess I will have to look for a compatible one