New gaming/work rig


Nov 28, 2012
Hi there

I've been gaming on laptops for the 7/8 years. Actually, by last desktop was actully a P4 with an "ATI" radeon 9800 and some other very old things...

Ok, now i decided its time to build a new desktop, get some real gaming performance and give my eyes/back a little rest.

So, i've been wandering around lots of foruns seeking some info and i've a pretty good build in mind but i am still debating the pros and cons of z77/x79. I want to stay with a platform for 3+ years without being bottlenecked by it.

I am thinking of getting the 7970 matrix platinum from asus, a three slotter, but the reviews look promising enought to compensate the 3 slot downside. In future, when the new generation of graphics comes out, maybe i sell this one and get the 8000/700 series or just get another 7970 for crossX.

Now i'll never go above 2 way crossX or Sli because i think scalabilty and stability issues are too much of a gamble to risk it and power consumption will be highly over the top. Also those are 3 slots which i think one can only fit 2 on a mb :p.

WIth all that in mind i ended up with z77x-up7 mobo. From reviews i see this is a top board with osme nice oc features (which i intend to explore a little, not for pro OC but i'd like to do some OC for fun) but most of all, it has a PLX chip to multiplex the pci lanes for my future crossX setup, but also has a slot that bypasses it, meaning there is no increased latency for single card setup.

What do you guys think? Am i in the right path? What is the penalty of using a PLX for 2 way crossX in a z77 with native 3.0 support on IB compared to using a x79 with a native higher amount of pci lanes but no native 3.0 support on SB?