New gateway netbook x1270


Jul 8, 2009
I have a new gateway netbook has the original drivers installed everything is factory, settings are all on high performance and i can`t even play the first call of duty. the main screens are fine and the mouse isnt laggy like it would usually be as if it was a boggy comuter, get in the game and its not even playable i would guess no more than 15 fps, any ideas anyone ? I`m aware that this is a relatively new netbook but its very frustrating when my old acer SSD 8 gig could play these games no problems. Other than that I have gone through several netbooks and so far this is my second day using this one and its by far the best one i have owned


May 17, 2009

see if drivers can be updated

Mike Amiro

Sep 22, 2013
depending on your net books x1270 chip driver updates may be in vein. the silly thing about the x1270 is that it either has 2 disabled pixe pipelines and or disabled vertex shaders. these features cut out for sake of power consumption.
so that said the factory drivers are programmed with these disabled features in mind. the drivers supplied by the Amd website are for the pcie/agp versions of the fully featured x1270
and do not recognize the disabled pipeline/shaders and you get glitches galore.

same thing with trying to adopt ubuntu using the x1270.. Glitches galore.

as for call of duty. not happening on the x1270 a slide show is to be expected in my experience to squeeze Every last inch of performance out of the x1270 the following must occur.
*Drop desktop color to 16bit
*turn screen aspect in catalyst to "Centered Timings"
*drop mipmap settings to lowest and all other settings 3d off
(in catalyst and in game)

Basically you want to have the game looking as close to an atari 5200 game as you possibly can.

also over clocking the x1270 is impossible too atitool/rivatool/omega drivers /amd overdrive All bust you cannot affect the gpu speed except for the Ati power play either low power mode or ..normal

the x1270 will not play back 1080p video and 720p is occasionally choppy best video player to use would be media player classic, or vlc MPC seems to work better and actually recognizes the catalyst video quality/color settings vlc does not.

x1270 is pretty moot I know this post comes YEARS later but oh well I was bored.