Question New GPU (5700 xt) game graphics are grainy

Apr 5, 2020
Hi guys n gals. I just upgraded my GPU from Nvidia 970 to an AMD 5700 xt. I also did a case swap but the GPU is the only new hardware. Aside from a few AMD bugs that worked out after updating my drivers, my only remaining issue is that in games the graphics have a grainyness to them. Not low resolution, but like a film grain. Dota2, Rocket League, Doom Eternal, Civ6... all have it but not videos or web pages ect.

I wiped old drives drivers with when installing with DDU, I played with some settings but nothing has any effect and its the same effect in all games so I don't think its any in game setting. It also is not present when I connect to my Sony TV. My monitor is a Benq XL2411. Tomorrow I will try changing output connections and cables and then I'll try swapping the card back to see if it is still there. Any ideas?