Question New GPU and PSU but I'm getting low FPS and low GPU usage ?

Sep 28, 2021
Current Specs -
CPU - i7 10700K
COOLER - NZXT Kraken X61
MOBO - Asrock B560 PRO4
RAM - Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB @2933
GPU - Gigabyte RTX 3060 Ti OC
M.2 SSD - WD Blue SN550 NVMe 1TB
SSD - Crucial MX500 1TB
SSD - Crucial MX500 2TB
PSU - Corsair HX1000

Around 2 and half weeks ago i sold my 2060 and upgraded to a 3060Ti but used it with my old Corsair Hx850i PSU up until 5 days ago when i upgraded the 850i to a Corsair Hx1000 since everything was new except the cooler and 850i that was 7 years old (both are 80+ platinum).

Cant remember if the GPU had the same issues with the 850i or i just didnt notice since the 3060ti was such an upgrade over the 2060 so it had better fps regardless so i didnt think anything of it but the last couple of days with the hx1000 ive been noticing low fps and low gpu usage in most games, some games run with high fps but low usage until it dips/spikes or just dips and sits at a lower fps when theres alot of things happening or to render in an area of the game etc.

2 other things that happens which is why im not sure if its the GPU or PSU causing drama's. First thing is on shutdown and restarts the Power indicator on the GPU above where the 6+2 connects flashes then goes away. Second thing is on the mobo on restarts when it boots up all the post lights come of for a sec then all turn off fairly quickly except VGA post light stays on for abit then goes away so clearly the GPU has issues but dont know if the psu caused it or also has issues.

The Hx1000 also has a single and multi rail mode switch tried both same result. I changed all the cables from the PSU to fresh ones even though the other ones were brand new aswell just to see if it was a bad cable and ive used DDU on the GPU got fresh drivers and updated my bios to the latest. The GPU never goes over 72 even on a 30+ degrees day and the CPU never goes over 62 even at full load bench marking so its not thermal throttling. My peanut brain needs help, this is my first pc i ever built so im inexperienced when issues pop up. That being said when i originally built the pc with the 2060 and hx850i it ran perfect for the like 9 months of it being built. Only now it has issues with the new GPU and PSU.

Pictures of In-game and Afterburner, HWID and NZXT Cam Data -
Ark running with all fresh cables running on single rail mode. - View:

Ark running with the first cables i used when i got the new PSU running on multi rail mode. - View:

Squad Running on single rail mode - View:

Just seeing if theres something ive missed and if is should VMA both GPU and PSU or just one or the other ?
The power draw of both the 3060ti and an rtx 2060 are so close that I doubt its the power supply.

Did you use DDU to remove the old drivers?

Maybe try a fresh install of windows often that can clean up many issues.

I have noticed though that some older games seem to downclock the newer RTX 3xxx cards and Radeon 6XXX, At least with Radeon I know how to force a minimum freq clock, I don't know how to do this on Nvidia sadly.
Sep 28, 2021
Everything is seated and connected the same exact way as to when i had the Hx850i and RTX 2060 in the pc so i have no clue if its the GPU or the PSU or both.
Things ive tried, i changed the PCIE lanes from auto to gen 3, tried non xmp and xmp on the ram, tried overclocking and underclocking the gpu, tried different cables from the psu to the components and even tried using the PSU in single and multi rail mode

I was told on another forum to this so far -
  • Use DDU on the gpu and do new drivers
  • Uninstall all the processors
  • Flash to the latest bios
  • install the latest chipset driver and ME driver
  • Install the latest gpu driver
  • Run cmd as admin, then do chkdsk /x /f /r, after that do sfc /scannow
  • And check windows updates
So far all these things didnt work sadly.
And ive tried running the GPU in the 2nd slot on the Mobo but that made it lose 20-40 FPS in every game i tested.
The odd thing is the card ran great when i first got it.

Some other issues i didnt mention is when the screen goes black for alot longer then it ever has when it gets into the desktop screen also if i turn off one of my monitors it also flickers longer then usual and it some other cases it does the same.
Another issue that makes me think its a PSU issue is sometimes on restarts/boot ons all the leds in the PC on all components get dimmer and flicker sometimes aswell.