New GPU and PSU won't fit case or motherboard

Oct 5, 2018
Hi guys! First post here so be gentle!

So, I got home today eager to test my new RTX 2080 Ti, only to find that not only is it probably too large for the case, the new PSU I need to use it (650W) won't fit either. The computer is an HP EliteDesk 800 G4 tower, and the motherboard says HP on it, so I'm guessing it's a custom thingy which makes it hard to find any info on make/model. The PSU is too big for the case, but I think it's more matter of the old standard HP PSU (500W) being smaller than average than the new one being particularly large. Also, instead of the standard large connector from the PSU to the motherboard, it has 3 small ones (the white one in the zoomed in pic).

So basically, I need to know which parts I can keep, and which ones I need to change in order to make this work. I realise I'll need a new case and motherboard, but do I need a new CPU with that? Can I use my old RAM? Will my SSD HD fit on a new MB? Anything else I should know about? I've attached a few pictures of the whole mess.

Many thanks for any advice!

Number of processors 1 x
Processor family Core i7 7th Gen
Processor type Intel Core i7-7700
Processor clock frequency 3.60 GHz
Max. turbo clock rate 4.20 GHz
Max. TDP i 65 W
Number of processor cores i 4 (Quad core) i
Number of threads 8
Cache 8 MB
CPU socket i LGA 1151
Processor cooling properties
Processor cooling type Air cooled
Used memory total 16 GB
Used memory modules 16 GB
Max supported memory 64 GB
Memory type DDR4-RAM
RAM speed 2400 MHz
Memory form factor DIMM 288
Number of memory slots 2
Number of free memory slots 1
GPU: 1080 GTX


You only need new Z270 chipset MoBo and bigger PC case while the rest you can re-use. E.g these two:

PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant

Motherboard: MSI - Z270 GAMING M5 ATX LGA1151 Motherboard ($229.99 @ Amazon)
Case: Phanteks - Enthoo Luxe Tempered Glass (Black) ATX Full Tower Case ($158.98 @ Newegg Business)
Total: $388.97
Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available
Generated by PCPartPicker 2018-10-05 16:33 EDT-0400

Few words
Put in one of the best MoBo which is Z-series and comes with plenty of bells and whistles,
MoBo review:,4873.html

And also picked Phanteks case since Phanteks cases have great build quality (just like Corsair cases). Enthoo Luxe has big tempered glass side panel for stunning view inside and case itself is full-tower ATX case, meaning that it has plenty of room for all of your components and then some,
video review:

Though, do note that choosing a PC case is personal choice and feel free to switch Enthoo Luxe TG out with the one that you like the most.

Oh, get some thermal paste and at least 90% pure isopropyl alcohol as well since you'll need to clean off the old thermal paste from CPU cooler and CPU, before mounting CPU cooler back to the CPU. Video on how to do it,
Oct 5, 2018

Thank you so much! Was hoping I wouldn't need any more than a case and MB. Guess I'll be eating noodles for months, but it's worth it!
Oct 5, 2018

You think so? The old one was bought in May, and I already blew my budget on that GPU and PSU. What would you say is the biggest bottleneck? Get some more ram or change the CPU?


Gaming at 4k, the i7-8700k is only a few % stronger than the i7-7700k, so no its not really worth the extra $400 to upgrade in that sense. Now if you plan on streaming and gaming, or other serious multitasking, that's different. The 6core/12thread 8700k is quite superior to the 4c/8t in that respect.

But decide to keep or upgrade before buying the new mobo, they are different platforms (both lga1151, but incompatible fitment) and CoffeeLake requires Z370.

Of course you could maybe also wait for the 9th gen Intel to drop shortly and see how they fare against your 7700k instead, more than likely requiring a Z390 mobo instead.

16Gb is more than plenty for ram, most gaming will use 4-12Gb max.