Question New GPU, artifacting and GPU no longer works.

Jul 19, 2020
I upgraded my PSU, RAM and GPU. Installed new drivers, everything worked fine whilst playing Red Dead for a couple hours, left the game paused whilst went for food. MSI afterburner showed regular temps and the GPU was operating at 20% whilst the game was paused. Played for about 20 minutes, then noticed screen tearing and some weird textures. PC crashed with severe artifacting. Now windows 10 detects the GPU but won't install drivers, the screen resolution is locked to 800x600 and screen is covered in pink artifacts from boot up.

Things I've done so far is:
  • made sure the GPU is properly connected.
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers.
  • Tried the previous GPU which works fine.
  • Tried different screens, different cables.
  • Updated the bios which removed the artifacting, but still couldn't install the drivers, but after a restart the artifacts came back.
My last option is to install a new rom/bios to the GPU, but I dont want to risk bricking the GPU because I cant afford another one.

Specs are:
Mobo: Asus A320m-K
CPU: Ryzen 3 2200g (stock cooler)
Memory: HyperX 2x8GB
Storage: 1 1TB WD Blue, 1 2TB WD Blue, 1 TB Seagate (All HDD)
PSU: Aerocool 500w PSU.
GPU: PNY 1660 Super
All parts are still under warranty, checked everything was compatible before ordering new parts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.