Question New Gpu black screen, old GPU still works.

Jun 27, 2022
As the title says, I got a rtx 3050 to replace my old 1050ti and it wont work! I just get black screen and 3 seconds of fan spin. I'm on my old 1050ti to write here.
I'll list as many details as possible

Gigabyte (ga-z77-ds3h) Motherboard
i7-2600 CPU
Fractal design tesla 650W
16GB (4x4GB) of DDR3 RAM at 1333Mhz
500GB Samsung SSD

So I have tried the two(2) 6+2 pins to power the 8-pin connection on the Rtx 3050 and they did not do any diffrence.
I tried all the DP ports on the GPU (2dp and 2hdmi)
I tried to reseat all the cables.
I tried with no perifirals connected.

Do I just have a bad card or is there a problem I can't see? I don't sadly have a HDMI cable to connect direcly to the motherboard to see if it posts, but will try that as soon as the shops open tomorrow.
Assuming the card you just bought is a brand NEW retail model, then most likely there must be some issue with your system. I'm not jumping on the conclusion that the card is DOA as of now, but to rule this out, can you test and check the GPU on some other system if possible ?

But first of all, update your Motherboard's BIOS version, if not done so, and then try re-seating the GPU on the PCIe slot again. Also, if need be clear and reset all the CMOS settings as well, default values.

If the card still doesn't work then there must be some compatibility issue. The last BIOS version of your system is F11a dated 2013/11/13. So yeah this PC is a bit old.
  1. Beta BIOS
  2. Improve PCI Express x16 slot compatibility
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